Citrine Crystal Infused Water Bottle

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Citrine Quartz Crystal Infused Water Bottle

Citrine is a beautiful and magnetic crystal inspired by the vibrant energy of the sun.  It is a great crystal for treating depression and is especially effective when using chakra healing therapies.  Citrine is also a detoxer and assists in dispelling negative emotions and thoughts.  Citrine energises all facets of life and attracts wealth, prosperity and success. 

Benefits of Citrine Quartz 

  • Raises self esteem and self confidence. 
  • Energising and recharging
  • Emotionally balancing.               
  • Encourages creativity and expression of ones true self. 
  • Not Dishwasher Safe
  • Your water bottles include a selection of hand-picked 'fair trade' gemstones for the preparation of your silky smooth crystalized elixir.