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Benefits of crystal therapy

Dr Emoto's Water Experiment

What we believe

Elephant Juice crystal infused water bottles are amazing healing and wellness tools. They integrate the healing energy of crystals into your body, soul and mind.  Our crystal infused water bottles work on a molecular and vibrational level. They transfer the energetic frequencies and properties of crystals into water.

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Crystal Infused Water Bottles

Crystal POSH Pop Sockets

Join the iloveulution

With every thought and intention, our crystals pick up on your unique vibrational energy and amplify the positive vibes that you’re cultivating.

Amethyst Crystal Water Bottle

Amethyst Crystal Infused Water Bottle

Looking for the perfect gift for yourself or someone special? Why not try this unique crystal water bottle. A great way to harness their healing power is by using healing stones for manifesting your intentions and what you want to create in your life.