Amethyst Crystal Infused Water Bottle

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Amethyst Crystal Infused Water Bottle

Amethyst is a great crystal that helps you tap into your inner wisdom and knowledge.  It is specifically effective in raising your consciousness and spiritual awareness.  With it's deep purple colour, it resonates with both the crown and third eye chakras.  Amethyst is a popular crystal and once you tap into it's healing properties, you will understand why.

Benefits of Amethyst 

  • Raises your vibrational energy and spiritual awareness.
  • Inner peace and healing.
  • Best crystal that aids in meditation and stillness.               
  • Healing of the body, mind and soul. 
  • Not Dishwasher Safe
  • Your water bottles include a selection of hand-picked 'fair trade' gemstones for the preparation of your silky smooth crystalized elixir.