The Power of Crystals

Each crystal is made naturally within the earths crust. The crystal develops it’s unique, natural colour, shape and form. Each crystal also resonates at it’s very own energetic frequency. Since everything is energy, we believe that crystals can assist with positive charging your life or environment. Crystals have been used from the beginning of time to adorn oneself, in rituals, ceremonies to block any/all negative energies.

What’s this crystal magic?
Every crystal has its own magical energy and vibrations. These energetic fields resonate at frequencies that positively affect the energies surrounding them. People wear them as jewelry to assist in their personal energy fields. Since each crystal resonates at its own frequency, it can amplify a certain intention by heightening it, some can calm you down and act as a meditative stone. Crystals are often used to balance energy fields depending on the users’ intention.

Choosing your crystal
Once you learn the amazing powerful and healing benefits of crystals, you will be able to start your collection. Crystals that you choose generally best relate to your energetic frequency. It’s a wonderful and beautiful, gentle yet powerful way to manifest your wishes, affirmations and desires. We will go through the different crystals and what they assist with. We will also go through how to clean and cleanse your crystals. All this and more in our upcoming posts.

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