Different Types of Gemstones and Crystals: Energetic Properties and Uses

In this post, you will get to know each particular variety of gemstone or crystal better in order to learn how each one can be utilized. We start off with agate which is characterized by the formation of bands or lines upon its surface. These bands are naturally formed from volcanic rocks and lava that crystallize within the rock cavities.
There are several different types of agate and their differences lie in the various patterns that are formed within them. Each type of Agate has its own form and appearance, and each is beautiful in its way. No two pieces of Agate
are ever alike; each piece is unique.

In ancient times, Agate was used in the European and Eurasian lands as an amulet for protection against sickness and natural calamities. Other cultures used Agate as protection during wars and times of crisis, to keep danger at

The Magical Powers of Agate

Agate helps with:
● Physical and emotional balance
● Healing
● Grounding
● Protection

And this is how it can help you:
Agate is very effective for grounding because it creates a balance between your physical and emotional aspects. It helps you to get in touch with your physical and emotional state, so that you are more aware of both aspects, therefore creating balance within your energy centers. It balances your view of any situation due to your heightened awareness of both your physical and emotional realities.

When you need healing, especially emotional healing, Agate can be very helpful. The emotional healing which Agate brings also frees you from any form of bitterness inside you, allowing you to practice forgiveness and
show compassion to others. Agate is very useful for pacifying your emotions and creating a sense of calm within you.

Because Agate can attune well to your emotions, it can also protect you from anything that may emotionally, mentally, or psychically drain you. Agate prevents bad dreams, dark thoughts, or depressing memories from leaving lasting effects. Just as it heals you from sadness and anger, it helps you release any bad or negative feelings quickly.

Varieties of Agate:

Crazy Lace Agate
Crazy Lace Agate is also called Mexican Lace Agate. This type of agate is called “crazy lace” because of its unique, beautiful, paisley-like pattern. Each piece of Crazy Lace Agate has its own unique mixture of colors and flowing
shapes. It assists with self-esteem, comfort , courage and healing.

Dendritic Agate
Pieces of Dendritic Agate have amazing patterns within them. Instead of lines parallel to one another, the formations on these stones resemble trees or shrubs. Because of these tree-like patters, Dendritic Agate is also
sometimes called Tree Agate. It helps with connecting with nature, prosperity, healing, friendships and protection.

Moss Agate
Pieces of Moss Agate contain patterns that resemble moss, and are usually greenish in color. It helps with strength, emotional balance, healing, wealth and abundance with focus and concentration.

Overall, Agate is a calming stone that can help you stay positive and happier in life. So what are you waiting for? Discover
the power of agate to help transform negative energy into a more calming and relaxing energy. Spend a few minutes
with the agate stone and make your world happier filled with positive vibes!

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