Different Types of Flourite Crystals: Energetic Properties and Uses

In our upcoming posts, you will get to know each particular variety of crystal better in order to learn how each one can be utilized.

Fluorite is a gemstone that is cubic in form, which causes its glassy surface to reflect light in attractive ways.

The Magical Powers of Fluorite

What it helps with:

  • Balance
  • Healing

How it can help you:
Fluorite heals by banishing negative energies that may be affecting you physically, mentally, or emotionally. As it banishes negativity, it makes you more receptive to positive energies. It also helps in re-energizing you as part of its healing process.

This stone is also a very good “mind” stone. It helps increase your intelligence, and creates a balance between your mental and emotional self. It clears your mind, so that you are able to see any given situation with a more balanced perspective. This stone helps you in decision making, or determining the important aspects that you need to consider for a problem that needs resolution.

Cleansing Recommendation
Fluorite may be cleansed using any of the methods that you have learned, but it is best to cleanse it using any method that involves water.

Varieties of Fluorite

Blue Fluorite
This variety of fluorite is blue in color.

The Magical Powers of Blue Fluorite

What it helps with:

  • Protection
  • Grounding
  • Clarity of mind

How it can help you:
Blue Fluorite is a protective stone. It shields you from unwanted energies, and prevents you from dwelling on unhappy thoughts or worries. It clears your mind, enabling you to examine a situation from a clearer perspective, and in turn helping you to make the right decisions. In effect, this stone protects you from getting yourself into trouble.

Using Blue Fluorite for grounding is very effective in calming your emotions and creating balance.

Clear Fluorite
This variety of fluorite is colorless, though it is sometimes whitish in appearance.

The Magical Powers of Clear Fluorite

What it helps with:

  • Spiritual Cleansing
  • Healing
  • Peace and harmony among individuals

How it can help you:
Clear Fluorite promotes a peaceful and harmonious environment, especially within the home. It magnifies your inner peace, and affects those around you in a very positive way. It also makes it easier to connect with others.

Clear Fluorite is a very good stone for purification of the spirit. It washes away negative energies and lets energies of peace, love, and harmony flow through you. Its cleansing powers penetrate deep within your innermost self. Meditating with this stone will make you feel very light and joyful afterwards.

Clear Fluorite is also a good healing stone. It is very effective in healing you on a physical, mental, and emotional level by freeing you from the burdens of negative thinking.

Green Fluorite
This variety of fluorite is green in color.

The Magical Powers of Green Fluorite

What it helps with:

  • Balance
  • Healing
  • Clarity of mind

How it can help you:
Green Fluorite is an excellent stone to use for meditation prior to making an important decision. It clears your mind and allows you to see any situation in an objective manner, while helping to balance your logic and emotions.

It is also very effective in healing because it releases energies that prevent the illness from spreading or getting worse.

Rainbow Flourite
Rainbow Fluorite is a calcium fluoride mineral that is found worldwide. Fluorite is colourless and impurities of hydrocarbons produce the wide variety of colours including multicoloured and banded. 

The Magical Powers of Rainbow Fluorite

What it helps with:

  • Highly protective
  • Stabilizing stone
  • Useful for grounding and harmonizing spiritual energy.

How it can help you?
When working with the upper Chakras, Fluorite increases intuitive abilities, links the human mind to universal consciousness, and develops connection to Spirit.

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