Crystals and You

What are crystals?
Crystals are attractive pieces of stone that are prized for their beauty. Because of this, they are often crafted into jewelry and ornaments. Apart from their aesthetic value, they have natural energetic properties that can be used in many different ways. Their magical and energetic frequencies assist in maintaining balance, harmony and peace in your life.

How Crystals Are Formed?
Hot gases and mineral solutions rising from the molten layer of the Earth up to the Earth’s surface form crystals. As this molten layer cools, the atoms arrange themselves into patterns of three-dimensional lattices, creating what we know as crystals. The special structure of a crystal allows it to absorb, amplify, and transmit electromagnetic energy that can be tapped into and used to heal and energize. Each person has a unique connection with certain crystals. All of us have that one crystal that we feel most connected to that will help us with that area of life that we need gentle healing!

How can crystals help me?
Many people own crystals, but most people do not realize the true power that these stones actually possess. Take a closer look at all the crystals that you currently own; did you know that each of them has unique and powerful energies that can be used to help you? If you learn how to use these stones’ energies, you can manifest almost any desire! You have unlimited powers in your possession to create your dreams, and what you create is only limited by your imagination!
Welcome to the amazing world of magical crystals! Welcome to Elephant Juice.
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A great introduction into crystals, I can’t wait to see where this leads!

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